What I need to install a padel court surface? (I) Permits and ground work.

The type of permits required to install a padel court surface may vary depending on the location and regulations of the specific municipality or region. However, this is the basic permit you may need:

Building Permit: You need a building permit to construct the padel court surface, as you are building a permanent structure.

The court is a metal structure on the ground and, therefore, it is a construction for all purposes. Being a construction, the padel court falls under the scope of the NTC 2018 , so it is necessary to carry out the design of the foundation and subsequently the dimensioning of the reinforced concrete and the verification of the structural steel elements. If this procedure is not followed, the installation of the padel court represents an abuse of the construction with all the risks and responsibilities that this entails for both the manufacturer and the sports center operator.

Once the location has been chosen (either a warehouse or a piece of land), it is essential to contact the technical office of the municipality and request the necessary authorizations to assess its feasibility. The project must be presented by a qualified technician (whether a surveyor, architect or engineer) designated by the client.

At this point we will help you to build the ground works to obtain a optimum surface.

Once the ground works are done the rest is on us!

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