Business & Financial Plan

The installation of padel courts for clubs, hotels, municipalities, tennis clubs or individuals is an excellent investment. 

Our financial department will provide you with a financial model so that you can project income and cash flow statements, control all costs and analyze the performance of your project month by month. 

We will help you calculate the return on investment, break-even point and IRR of your project based on the following assumptions:



  • Average court rental price in your area %
  • Average daily occupancy (hours).
  • Number of courts installed.
  • Other income: Restoration, events, balls, rackets, tournaments, etc.



  • Groundworks
  • Courts
  • Other constructions
  • Maintenance, etc.


  • Staff
  • Rent
  • Marketing costs
  • Booking and management softwares
  • Electricity and other utilities
  • Insurance